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bend oregon, lives, trains, exclusive life style, racing to find  homes Knowing why people want live here is a simple question to answer.  Look at what you get for your money when you are looking to buy a home.  These may be included –  Views, Community, Accessibility, Convenience, Friendliness, Support. Just a few of the things you find in our Bend Oregon Area.

It doesn’t matter if you are and investor looking for rentals, first time home buyers, second home buyers, maybe moving in from out of the area, or moving across town.  Right now is a great time to buy property in Bend.

Not so much in this order but here are a couple of “ollie ollie oxen free’s” if you are in the market to purchase a new home or sell your home.

1 – Research the market through a qualified professional. (Qualified is key and has  dimension  in real estate).

2-Know your bottom line.  You don’t want to be ‘just living in Bend’.  You want to be LIVING IN BEND!  Enjoying the life you moved here for.

When you start looking for a home, no matter what value level of the market you are looking in, consider the areas around it.  Know what is going on in the neighborhoods next door, or the field across the road a few blocks away.  The Professional Realtor you hire can help you research and direct you to the right person or department to find out information.  But, he or she is not going to be living there.  You need to KNOW the area!  Keep digging until you are satisfied and if you are not, then maybe you should consider other spaces and opportunities in the community.

IN BEND, OREGON YOU Pick a Life Style:  It’s All Here

a) Do you want to live in a community that shows you IT wants to help you be the difference?

b) Done raising the kids and want to volunteer more and become part of that group you have always wanted to.

c) If you Work in the service industry or work in the professional world and like people, you can find it here.

d) Love to Ski?

e) Going Professional?  You Can prepare for a new career right here at the community college or a state affiliated college.

f) hiking, walking, running, fishing, rock hounding, boating,- all types, horsing a bit, biking – any style, yoga, flying, we have endless support services for outdoor and indoor opportunities.  For any age, any level.

Training for a Lifestyle that brings Smiles is what we do here in Bend.

There is no finish line.


About Joanne Mckee, Broker

I have lived in Bend, Oregon since 1973. Spending the bulk of my work career in the customer service field of the Insurance Industry, I have always worked helping others. Supporting and passing it on is my passion. Educating others and finding answers is how I work.

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